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Spilt Milk Joke
You ever get really thirsty?
So you run to the fridge.
Open the door.
But all you have is milk?
So you grab it, you drink it down.
And it feels really good...
And then you look at the expiry date.
And its about two weeks old...
So you proceed to vomit all over the floor.
I think thats the only situation where it's OK to cry over spilt milk.
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Natives Joke
Native Indians should not drink too much tea
before they go to bed,
because they might wake up
in their tea pee ("tee-pee").
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Mature content
Can I Take Your Order? :iconabeitch:AbeItch 1 2
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Day After Yesterday :iconabeitch:AbeItch 2 0
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Y.o.u.t.h :iconabeitch:AbeItch 1 2
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This Is My Title :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 0
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Dixon No 2 HB :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 0
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Paranoia 1 :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 3
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Juss Two Sea :iconabeitch:AbeItch 2 2
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Alliteration Poem, Continued :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 1
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The Nub :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 3
EME: Eyes. Mouth. Ears.
EME: Eyes – Mouth – Ears
Scene #1: Eyes Introduction
(Some sort of 'Chapter 1: Eyes' visual comes on screen, followed by darkness. Camera zoomed on Matt's closed eyes.)
Matt: My eyes are closed. You can see that. You are sitting right there on your couch or in your chair, looking at my closed eyes. A lot of people walk around with their eyes closed. Every day of their life they walk around with their eyes closed. Some people do this for an entire lifetime. Its not because they are blind, it is because they choose to be blind. (Open eyes.) I choose to live with my eyes open; that way I can see the knife that is about to stab me in the heart. I can see my wife cheating on me. I can see my kid building a bomb in the basement. All of this, because I open my eyes... maybe it's time you should open your fucking eyes.
Scene #2: Introduction of Characters
(Matt and Sish sit in basement playing cards. Murph yelling for Jess is heard off-screen in background. Matt and Sish don't bother to look u
:iconabeitch:AbeItch 3 6
Mature content
Whowhatwherewhenhow :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 3
Mature content
GOLD :iconabeitch:AbeItch 0 2
Alliteration Poem, The First
Strange Succession
Elephant Ears
Moving Mouth
Evaporated Eyes
Hate-filled Hopes
Dreamt Dreams
Relived Remembrances
Unknown Unforgiveness
Blue Balls
Falling Fast
Slowly Sleeping
Quick Quiver
Reaction Received
Elegance Exempt
Schizophrenic Successor
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Mature content
DTA :iconabeitch:AbeItch 1 6





Abraham Itch
Current Residence: Blaberham Itcohson, Ontario
Favourite genre of music: Genre?
Favourite photographer: ...the mexican in my basement.
Personal Quote: "with a world full of pussies, somebody's gotta be a dick!"
i wrote today.


i wrote three poems, and started a new play. i will probably post the poems, soon as i type them into my computer. you know, for all to see.

it feels good to write again. i like writing because it makes me feel like a made a positive contribution to my world. not THE world, MY world. big difference.

i feel in the mood to showcase my poetry. maybe i'll go on a coffee house tour. maybe.


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xcrashandburnx Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2004

thanks for the dedication in your 10 short stories book. that was cool. it was unexpected too, so that made it cooler.
and thanks for your comments on my poems.

oh, and just to let you know...i found the CD i was picturing earlier. it was Stunt (barenaked ladies). buttttt for some reason i thought it was called running with scissors. don't ask me why, and don't rub it in. you win, i admit it.
xcrashandburnx Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2004
i am so jealous of your ghostbusters back pack.
if you ever no longer want it, i shall buy it from you.
RedBeanViolin Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow! tyvm for the fave on my poem... no one apreciates the poetry anymore T_T
dutchshun Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
What about love?
A visit?
Just to see if she’s ok.
Not too much to ask,
Perhaps, but not
Too busy you see,
working towards the time
that they too need a home,
To sit in.
AbeItch Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
i don't like your line breaks.

howz dem apples?
dutchshun Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
ok, line breaks? uh, ik like apples thank you, are you sure you have posted to the right person?
odevisky Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome! you got an interesting style of writing... i like it!!! hope you post more! :clap:
Alseid Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2004
Welcome to DA, i hope you enjoy your stay and post a lot of your art, and have fun while doing it.

See ya.
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